Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Back in the world again and overwriting my last blog. The archives can still be accessed here. Check it out if you are interested in my thrilling adventures in Blankistan, hunting down the enemies of all free people in the vast wasteland of Central Asia.

Now that I've returned to a more sedate life here in Plain Vanilla, USA, we'll have to settle for wit and commentary that isn't quite so exotic.

Several people have asked me "Just what the heck is Goretz anyways?" The word itself is Russian slang for "mountain man." I just kind of liked the sound of it, and since I am a mountaineering enthusiast it seemed appropriate.

Speaking of which, I have begun work on a site that has been in the planning stages for far too long - militarymountaineer.com. I'll have a beta up sometime in the next month so stay tuned for further details.